About Us


"Almighty God Anointing People Everywhere!"

Our desire is to speak to people who are less informed about the person, ministry and work of the Holy Spirit (especially among Baptist & other denominations that seldom/never taught/preached The Word of God to produce Faith in the believer after being born-again)

1.     I will protect the unity of Christ's Church…

·       By acting in love towards other disciples

·       By refusing to gossip

·       By following the leaders

2.     I will share the responsibility of Christ’s Church…

·       By praying for its growth

·       By inviting the un-churched to attend

·       By warmly welcoming those who visit

3.     I will serve the ministry of Christ’s Church…

·       By discovering my spiritual gifts and practical talents

·       By being equipped to serve with my pastor

·       By developing a servant’s heart

4.     I will support the testimony of Christ’s Church…

·       By attending faithfully

·       By living a Christian life

·       By giving regularly

I want to be at AGAPE!